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These videos were recorded during the Phoenix FinTech Conference 2016 in Prague.
For more information about the event, please visit the official Event Website

Phoenix Fintech Conference Videos

Tolga Tavlas
Changing the Banking Landscape and the New Rules of Success

Jedrzej Iwaszkiewicz
Collaboration: FinTech and Bankers

Mario Brkic
The Empire Strikes Back

Alena Huberova
Master the Art of Seduction in Business

Gorkem Cokcetin
Idea Management and Innovation in Big Banks

Dennis Hettema
Unleash the Disruptive Power of Happiness in Banking Organizations

Jiri Manas
David Meets Goliath. Those who brought about financial services change will highlight how working together paid off.

Pawel Turczynowicz
Customer Lifetime Values – the Biggest Problem in Financial Services

Monika Palczynska
Banking vs. Market Trends – Alior Bank Case Study

Pavel Matveev
Hybrid Personal Finance Platform

Vladyslav Syhanevych
Digitizing Lending: One-Click Convenience

Clement Francomme
Blockchain Provides High Value Digital Confidence

Andreas Bonschak & Philipp Mayerhofer
10 Things Private Banking Can Learn from FinTech

Deniz Devri Cengiz
A Story of a Digital Banking Startup – CEPTETEB

Alexander Dunaev
Retail and FinTech in Emerging Markets

Andrea Lauren
Equity Crowdfunding Globally and in CEE – New Source of Funding for Growth and Innovation

Panel Discussion: Biometrics
Jakub Galka, Edwin Nicolaas & Alessio Mauro

Visionary Panel Discussion
Will Financial Services as We Know Them Survive in the Upcoming Decades?

Christoph Drescher
DealMatrix Platform

Quick Pitch Competition

Voice PIN | Quick Pitch Competition
Jakub Galka
R&D Director at VoicePIN

Creamfinance | Quick Pitch Competition
Vladyslav Syhanevych
Managing Director at Creamfinance

DealMatrix | Quick Pitch Competition
Christoph Drescher
CEO & Co-Founder at DealMatrix

Worldcore | Quick Pitch Competition
Sean Patterson
Marketing and PR Director at Worldcore

ID Finance | Quick Pitch Competition
Alexander Dunaev
Co-Founder at ID Finance

XephorSolutions | Quick Pitch Competition
Artjom Pusch
Chief Operating Officer at Xephor Solutions

Raisin | Quick Pitch Competition
Philipp Hartmann
VP Product at Raisin

Qafis | Quick Pitch Competition
Edwin Nicolaas
CEO at Qafis

PayKey | Quick Pitch Competition
Dario Mutabdzija
Head of Business Development at PayKey

UPUP App | Quick Pitch Competition
Roman Potemkin

Datatree | Quick Pitch Competition
Eva Sabolova and Erik Cebik
Co-Founders at Datatree

ThreatMark | Quick Pitch Competition
Michal Tresner
Co-founder & CEO at ThreatMark

Dateio | Quick Pitch Competition
Ondrej Knot
Co-founder at Dateio

Savedo | Quick Pitch Competition
Akos Kiss-Dozsai
VP Business Development at Savedo

Wirex | Quick Pitch Competition
Pavel Matveev
Founder at Wirex