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These videos were recorded during the 2015 Medical Devices 3P Forum and S.M.A.R.T. Medical Devices Conference in Berlin.
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All Medical Devices Conference Videos

Medical Devices 3P Forum

Christian Jolck
PPM During Different Strategies

Marcus Leyendecker
The Interaction Triangle among Product Management, R&D and Customers

Stefan Troller
Resource Management

Marcus Fuchs
Alignment of Project & Product Life Cycle Management Processes

Andreas Otto
The Success of Change Management @ Dräger

Brian O. Olsen
Risk Management

Richard Lewis
Multicultural Leadership

Tina Manoharan
Leading with Vision

Steve Beaumont
The Challenge Ahead: Finding the Right Product Investment to Drive New Revenue

Casper Silbo Raft
Implementing Strength-based Leadership in GN Resound Product Development to Facilitate Organizational Development

Wouter Mollemans
Scrum for Medical Device Software: From Concept to Concrete Implementation

Yolanda van Dinther
Do’s and Don’ts in Value-based Portfolio Management

Yury Leontyev
Driving the Equilibrium: Managing the Stakeholders

Johanne Braendgaard
Setting Up the Product Strategy

Alexander Zimmermann
Launching an Intangible Product within a Product Excellence Company

Andreas Reh
Agile SW Development in Large Distributed Projects

Moritz Fischer
Small Markets & High Expectations: Marketing of Special Therapy Products

Wolfgang Roedel
Counteracting Threats from Foreign Patents

Marcel Mueller
Cross-functional Project Management for the Development of Combination Products

John Monroe
Importance of HCP training in Market Access and Entry

S.M.A.R.T. Medical Devices Conference

Edward Draper
Innovating in a Tightly-controlled Environment; My Experiences in Orthopaedic Implants and Technologies

Dr. Gunther Baubock
Technologies that Turn Visions into Reality – the Intraocular Pressure Sensor Implant

Sture Hobro
Problem Solving; Customer Needs; A Personal Reflection by an Inventor!

Michael Lauk
The New World of Digital and Personalized Medicine: Between Consumer Gimmicks and Serious Medical Devices

What is Crossing Your Innovative Pathway?
Panel discussion | Day 1 Morning

Jan Heyninck & Pieter De Ceuninck
Medical Device Development Processes in Dentistry

Orna Nesher
Software V&V Processes within an Incremental Software Development Process Based on Agile Methodology

Juan-Carlos Celi
Development of Health IT Solutions

What to Do with Legacy Devices?
Panel discussion | Day 1 Afternoon