CyberCentral Conference 2017

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These videos were recorded during the CyberCentral Conference 2017 in Prague.
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All CyberCentral Presentations & Videos

Roshdi A. Osman
Global Intelligence for Cyber Resilience – Protecting the Enterprise in a Digital Age

Robert Lipovsky & Peter Kalnai
The Evolving Threatscape

Carlos Montes Portela
Defining State-of-the-art Security Requirements for Public Tendering of Smart Grid Components

Arslan Bromme
Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace for Critical Infrastructure Operators in the Energy Sector

Enrico Fontan
Future Predictions for Cloud Survivors of Ransomware Attacks?

Mauriche Kroos
Setting up a Cross-domain Enterprise-wide Security Team on Tactical and Strategical Level

Timo Blunck
Cyber Security in Air Traffic Management, an Upcoming Challenge

Viktor Larionov
Overcoming Latency Problems while Under Active Scrubbing Service Protection

Stuart Hyde
Keeping Your Cyber Safer

Claudio Cilli
The Deep & Dark Web: Don’t Stop Using Internet … Just Make Sure You Use It Safely!

Tiago Rosado
Creating an Effective Cyber Security Strategy

Tarun Samtani
C-suites Beware: The Sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Komitas Stepanyan
Cybersecurity Challenges: “War Games (1983)” Is Not a Movie Anymore

Dejan Stankovic
When You Have Limited Resources: How to Defend a Computer Network from Sponsored Cyber-attacks?

Thomas Degardin
Tale of the Transformational CISO

Dusan Halabica
How Successful Are Awareness Initiatives?

Rossella Mattioli
Securing Europe’s Information Society

Pyry Heikkinen
A Unique Story of Secure Digitalization

Alessandro Gai
Web Application Logic Flaws

Michael Stout
“Ransomware” and “OSINT & Detection Avoidance”