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These videos were recorded during the Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox 2015 in Berlin.
For more information about the event, please visit the official Event Website

All Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox Videos

Ansgar Wille
The Key to a Successful Commercial Transformation

Joerg Schneider
Custom Manufacturing: Offering Solutions to Client Problems

Edgar Mueller-Gensert
Solutions Have no Inherent Value – What Now? Transforming Salespeople into Trusted Advisors

Marie Cecile Dekker & Ellen Holmen
Commercial Excellence: From Awareness to Continuous Improvement

Bartel Van Herreweghe
Sales Enablement as a Marketing Strategy

Anne De Vos
The Value of Sales Channels: Which, When, How and to Whom?

Markus Hartung
Transformation from Vendor to Partner

Maria Wiltz
How to Build a Lasting Partnership with Customers?

Fernando Sanchez
Gain Your Customer’s Trust with Content Marketing

Peter Beichel
The Growing Importance of Sustainability for Chemical Providers

Dirk Gaebelein
What Happens When You offer More Than Just a Product – Following the 5 Marketing P’s

Haydn Boehm
Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Hanane Taidi
Engaging the Modern Customer

Christian Thamm
How Solvay’s Recycled Plastics Turned Green and Gave Value to Customers

Janene Liston
Value Pricing: Let’s Be Clear

Steve Laborda
Harmonizing and Sustaining the Pricing and Sales Process to Capture More Value

Joachim Becker
Consistency towards the Customer: March Pricing, Product Value and Brand Experience

Tony Jaillot
Emerging Markets: the Next Frontier?

Lukas von Hippel
Fight Where You Can Win

We’re All in This Together: Aligning Marketing & Sales Strategy
Panel Discussion | Day 1

Lessons Learned – Setting KPIs Based On
Panel Discussion | Day 1 | Stream 1

Innovative Marketing
Panel Discussion | Day 1 | Stream 2

Is It Possible to Prepare for the Unpredictable?
Panel Discussion | Day 2