David Marx

CEO, The Science Kitchen
How can you re-think and re-create brands and ways of thinking?
Event: The Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox 2016, Berlin

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Geoff Ramm
OMG Marketing

Steve Laborda
Profit Optimization Through Improved Pricing Management

David Marx
How can you re-think and re-create brands and ways of thinking?

Francois Scheffler
The Challenge of Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing

Ian Rhodes
Make Your Marketing Matter!

Hans Goossens
Value Pricing in the Chemical Industry – the Most Powerful Lever to Profitability

Elias Lacerda
ROCE Model Thinking Behind Price Decision

Ian Tidswell
Pricing Decision Support Technology: When It Makes Sense, and When not.

Dirk Sandri
Ethical Pricing Strategy – How to Manage a Market in Panic Mode

Olivier Dallemagne
Decode the Formula or Superior Profit Growth in Chemicals

Freek van den Broek
E-commerce within DSM

Lukas von Hippel
Do Innovative Companies Exist?

Ian Rhodes, Peter Senior & Akin Ozkutan
Reflexions – How Things Changed in the Past Year – a Mirror for the Future?

Elias Lacerda, Ian Tidswell & Freek van den Broek
Discussion of the Century

Timo Kondziela
The Chemistry of Customer Retention

Robert Irwin
Margin Matters

Peter von Natzmer
Customer Orientation through Strategic Marketing

Joachim Becker
The Million $ Task: Setting Prices Right

Yannick Di Mondo
Hackathon: 90 Minutes to Fix Your Multichannel Marketing!

Haydn Boehm
Building a Chemist-friendly Website

Peter Senior
”New Lamps for Old”… How ‘Digital’ can allow us to Generate New Value from Old Business Models

Frederic Geoffrois
Survive to Cost-decrease Requests From Strategic Accounts: Focus on Value

Xavier Cardoso
The Water Challenge – The Water Opportunity