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These videos were recorded during the CFO Executive Summit 2015 in Prague.
For more information about the event, please visit the official Event Website

All CFO Executive Summit Videos

Bjarte Bogsnes
Beyond Budgeting – an Innovative Management Model for the Volatile Business Environment

Lubos Komarek
Macroeconomic Outlook for the Region

Omar Saleh
Introduction to Scenario Planning and Approaches to Scenario Scoping

Rudolf Christopher Takac
Financial Profit & New Strategic Landscape

Sergei Dombrovski
Perfect Storm in Russia: The Role of the CFO in Managing the Crisis

Roland Haidner
CFO as the Growth Champion: Creating Synergies through M&A, Alliances and Joint Ventures

Jamie Davies
Is the SSC Model Right for Your Organization?

Petr Podlipny
Successful Practice of Optimising and Transferring Accounting Function in an SSC

Sven Rossbach
Creating a Customer Centric Environment

Drago Kavsek
Creating Value Through Financial Restructuring: The Mercator Turnaround

Marius Ghenea
When the Banks say No: Exploring Alternative Financing Options

Farkas Barsony
SSC Transfer Pricing Case

Edgardo Hahn
How Much Controlling is Too Much Controlling?

Gavin Flook
Deloitte CE CFO Survey 2015 | CFOs’ views on the prospects and priorities of their companies and Central European economies

Vitolds Jakovlevs
Crowdcaster – airBaltic Forecaster for Better Decisions

Bartosz Duzinkiewicz
Financial Talent Planning and Development