CFO Executive Summit 2016

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These videos were recorded during the CFO Executive Summit 2016 in Prague.
For more information about the event, please visit the official Event Website

All CFO Executive Summit 2016 Videos

Omar Saleh
Dilemmas Facing Executive and Non-Executive Management in Strategic Decisions and Directions: Strategy / Culture / Change

Robert Verbich
CFO as Strategic Decision Maker: From a Vision to Real Action – Influencing & Changing the Corporate Culture

Michael Katsnelson
Zero Based Budgeting: How does it work?

Marek Gruszecki
Moving towards Smarter Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Janos Szabo
Drive Sustainable Growth while Keeping Costs Down

Rob Norman
Building A Smarter Finance – The Art of the Possible with Business Analytics

Daniel Burys
How a Small Local Company Asked for Money at a Small Local Stock Exchange

Christian Rieder
Automated Transfer Pricing Documentation and Risk Management under BEPS

Hans Burkard
Strategic Conflict Management – How to Unleash the Power of Hidden Forces

Nancy Radford
Conflict Management – a Practical Guide for Dealing with Conflict & Resistance

James Lindsay
The CFO as the Co-Pilot

Edgardo Hahn
The CFO’s Strategic Role “Balancing between the Chairs – Supply Chain, Material Inventories, Efficient Operations and Other Business Conflict Areas”

Martin Tesar
Automation High on the Strategic Agenda

Cristi Rusu
Value Chain and Cost Optimization through Activity Based Costing

Lyudmila Smirnova
3D Planning and Analysis: Data, Drivers and Digitalization

Tim Cullen & Ning Wang
Strategies for Successful Negotiation Outcomes

Uwe Land
Successfully Managing Business Transformation

Annika Mansson
Leadership: Why should I be Led by YOU?

Startup Quick Pitches

Veronika Peterkova

David Vejtruba

Iva Fingerova

Michal Tomcik

Petr Zavoral

Pavel Kordik

Radek Svarz

Premysel Piska

Martin Ptacek