CFO Executive Summit 2017

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These videos were recorded during the CFO Executive Summit 2017 in Prague.
For more information about the event, please visit the official Event Website

All CFO Executive Summit 2017 Videos


Omar Saleh
Thinking The Unthinkable – Rethinking our DNA -Implications for CXOs

Bjarte Bogsnes
Why We Need to Go Beyond Budgeting


Peter Janovsky & Michal Turoci
How to Manage Hedging, Risk & Liquidity?

Sven Rossbach
Practical Steps for Increasing Efficiency and Effectivity in Your AP Document Processing

eva stefankova RADKA DOHNALOVA

Eva Stefankova & Radka Dohnalova
Authentic Leadership – Success That Works For Us

Adrian Secolof
CFO as a Business Driver for the Organization

James Ritchie

James Ritchie
Crisis Cash Management and Restructuring

Ashwin Shanbhag

Ashwin Shanbhag
Role of CFO in Business Strategy

Nancy Wu
How an Accounting Team Transformed the Month-End Close

Ulrich Büchsenschütz
Compliance Challenges in the Supply Chain

Gerard van Kesteren
The Role of the CFO in a Stagnating Market

Ladislav Janyik
How to Transform Financial Infrastructure to Be More Successful

Luka Cerar
The Hidden Communication of Body Language

Mircea Varga
Finance Transformation

Daniel Sologon

Daniel Sologon
Debt Restructuring and Business Turn-Around

Vladimir Rohel

Vladimir Rohel
Cyberworld Threats for 2017

Ivelin Kamburov

Ivelin Kamburov
Financial Instruments for Optimization and Retention of Capital

Vit Vazan
How to Handle the Situation When You Need to Leave the Company

Vladimir Rohel

Jacek Murawski
What’s Next After Being a Successful CFO?

Bjarte Bogsnes WORKSHOP

Bjarte Bogsnes
From Command and Control to Empower and Adapt: the Background, the Philosophy and the 12 principles of Beyond Budgeting

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